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Julia Rosales

I’m Julia. I’m trans and I’m from Latin America. I do activism for trans migrant rights in the Netherlands.


Writer, community organiser and accomplice to the sex workers’ movement. They have worked with sex worker action groups and other grassroots, sex worker-led organisations in Berlin and Amsterdam.

Margreet de Heer

Margreet de Heer is a comic artist who makes educational comics as well as 'Minnie', about a rebellious pansexual. Minnie and her girlfriend are in a polyamorous relationship with sex worker Zina.

GiA G.

a queer sex worker, sexual educator, self-proclaimed pleasure activist and creator of the FLINTA* Pleasure Nights series. They view sex work as an integral part of the quest for a world filled with pleasure.

Noor Wilderling

Sex worker, writer, and researcher: infinitely curious, Noor doesn’t stop at one career. From her first evening as a working girl, full service sex work turned out to be one of her great passions.

Vera Rodriguez

Vera has been in and out of the adult industry for over 20 years, often with her camera. She is a cast member of the Sex Worker's Opera and works at Red Umbrella Fund. She shares her life with Lola, a charismatic chihuahua.


Lil is a part-time sex worker, full-time extroverted introvert. They are allergic to lilies.

Cat Astrophe

Cat is a semi-retired stripper, an illustrator and a lover of all things femme. She does Art Direction for Red Insight and draws romance comics about monsters.

Zina Berlin

Organizes Callgirls ‘n Coffee – a sex worker monthly meetup at the PIC – works as an escort and porn performer. She doesn’t quite know how to run with the wolves, but is excellent at napping with cats.

Cass Traitor

Cass Traitor is a sex worker, artist, and freelance writer and editor. They create work with the Sex Worker’s Opera and the Sexquisite Collective, and carry out research for various sex worker rights organisations.


Teyana is a woman of color, activist, part time sex worker and the best amateur spotify DJ you can find.

Moira Mona

Moira Mona is a FemDom Mistress, catlady and Rock Chick. When she grows up she wants to become Dolly Parton and to at least once see a white shark.

Alejandra Ortiz

Alejandra Ortiz is a Mexican trans woman. She works with projects and organizations that empower bicultural trans-migrants and refugees, sexworkers and persons living with HIV. Such as TUE, TranScreen Film Festival, ICRSE, TNN and Papaya Kuir among others.


Chris is your sex worker next door. He is a sex worker, and he lives next door. He is working on making Red Insight sustainable and reducing the word count of his thoughts.


HappyTimes is a dreamer! Next to his day job, he has been doing sex work for over a year to ensure financial security and to save for his plan to study in the Netherlands. He likes getting attention and seeks it in all forms.


Rosie is a sex worker and feminist from Utrecht. She works with people of all genders who want to explore their sexuality. Her favourite sensation is that of clean sheets on bare skin.

Hella Dee

Hella Dee is a brothel whore, the founder of Dutch Emergency Fund. Her favourite unhealthy coping mechanism is Twitter.

Peggy Jane

My name is Peggy Jane. I’ve been working as a stripper since 2005. From 2009 until 2016 I worked as a stripper at La vie en Proost. These days I still occasionally strip at Club BonTon at the Stadhouderskade. I also work as a supervisor at My Red Light, a non-profit brothel with 14 windows where I do facilitating work for our 14 sex workers.

Yvette Luhrs

Yvette Luhrs is an all-round sex worker with a background in Media Studies. Yvette is involved in various Dutch sex worker rights organizations and specializes in spokespersonship.