About us

Red Insight is run by sex workers in the Netherlands. On this platform we can share knowledge, news, artwork, and perspectives that come from our own communities.

Above all, this is a space for sex workers. We especially aim to amplify the voices of marginalized workers, within our communities and beyond.

We also welcome people who aren't sex workers. You are invited here to listen and to learn. As a treat.

Sex workers are people who sell their own sexual labour. Sex workers work in many different ways and offer varying types of sexual services and/or performances. We might do sex work formally, informally, rarely, a fulltime career, secretly, openly, together, alone, legally, illegally, et cetera.


Cass Traitor


Cat Astrophe

Art Director

Yvette Luhrs

Board Member and Managing Editor

Zina Berlin

Board Member

Jules James

Board Member

Our contributors and crew consist mostly of sex workers (always at least 80%); people who sell their own sexual labour. We all live and/or work in the Netherlands.

Vision: We envision a world where our labour is recognized, where sex workers are respected and our rights are upheld. We envision a world of gender, racial, social and economic equality, where freedom of movement is a reality, enabling individuals to start, continue or leave sex work safely, and free from violence and coercion.